Like to give back but for some reason you hate us and everything we stand for . I feel obligated to point out it normally  takes several weeks to hate us and everything we stand for -:)  .

The Nun Study is a longitudinal study of aging and Alzheimer’s disease funded by the National Institute on Aging .Having recently come across the NUN STUDY and the power of  cognitive reserve .  We are keen to promote the benefits of mentoring across generations . if someone can suggest an appropriate  early  Alzheimer’s  initiative  . 

Temple Grandin book on autism is on our radar. Els for Autism appears to be breaking new ground .I can personally recommend the astonishing book  In The Minds Eye  by author  Thomas G West . who champions dyslexia and dyslexics . It will change your mind  . It will turn your thinking upside down .

Last but not least Linda G Silverman  – author of upside down brilliance who founded the Gifted Development Center to look out for kids who are a poor fit . Misunderstood kids who despite being bright  fall through the cracks of a system . A system that is not designed for them  .   If you have any  suggestions please contact us .