In 1989 Tim Burners Lee tapped into the hive mind by cutting the world wide web loose .In scope and scale we are thinking big .Driven by real world lived and observed life experiences not theory .

Our mission is to raise productivity by adding capability   Our motivation is straight forward fairness .A system that works for everybody A system that ensures hard work pays off ..

If we want a high skill high wage economy . We need to raise the bar . Widen the franchise and deepen the talent pool .  

Our USP is that we recognise that simply championing a strong work ethic blinds us to systemic flaws .Blinds us to the differences between us .A position which is both self serving and self aggrandising . If hard work is the cure then by implication laziness is the disease .Stressing work ethic and only work ethic creates a self sealing logic bubble that stops innovation raising the risk of mental and physical health breakdowns . The status quo is unsustainable on both ethical and economic grounds . Shooting the messenger changes nothing .

Frustrated with  complacency we set up last year  . To really change things you need money, time , hard work . You can’t innovate on autopilot . It is not just a question of more hours . We need more from each and every hour invested . That requires a shared willingness from every stakeholder to leave no stone unturned . To always go the extra mile . To make no assumptions . To not only look for corroborating evidence but to step outside comfort zones and challenge deeply held core beliefs .

Achieving positive outcomes in 98% of the population we are the developers of an Einstein inspired digital health service .Imagine a vast circle representing 98% of the population .Contained within that circle a Venn Diagram with three overlapping circles   representing the spectrum disorders early onset Alzheimer’s , Dyslexia and ADHD  .  At the intersection in the centre three aptitudes common to each and every one of us  .Memory [working ] Attention and Focus .

We advocate a visual first approach . Don’t be taken in by cargo cult science . We measure ourselves by one yardstick better outcomes . Better exam results . More connection , greater clarity . A better grasp of training training materials over both the short and long terms . We are the solution to what we like to call the Microsoft problem . The problem is we have doubled down on the idea that we are computers capable of internalising vast amounts of information as long as it is organised and classified correctly . As long as we work very very hard . As an approach it is not categorically wrong but it is also not enough .

 In 1953, a young man named Henry Gustav Molaison, [HM] of Hartford, Connecticut, lost his memory on an operating table while undergoing experimental surgery to treat epilepsy by removing his hippocampus . On waking his short term memory was in tact , his IQ unaffected but his ability to move information from short term to long memory was non existent . Unable to function in society HM spent the rest of his days as a lab rat . Undergoing the same tests day in day out but his memory never improved . HM represents a spectrum . A point on the forgetting curve quantified in minutes not hours, days, week, months or years . This is not about smart or not smart . In simple terms HR could never invest in HM because there would be no return on investment . The trace decay is too rapid .

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‘ Talk is cheap that is why a good conspiracy theory is intentionally unfalsifiable . Sometimes we deny the facts because we are in too deep . Sometimes our identities our egos are tied up with a false narrative .Facts do not and have never respected how we feel. Never the less that does not stop our gatekeepers from setting the bar high sometimes impossibly high . As long as perfect is the enemy of better you will never see meaningful change.’

So … For the duration of 2022 we are making the the executive function course free .The practice outlined in the 1 hour course is the simplest possible application of our core principles .Radical but not wrong it should work and it will change things .

Our testable premise can we deliver long lasting measurable improvements within hours . Our hope and expectation is that we can act as a springboard and foundation for new applications including comprehensive digitalisation of content to accessible online spaces . On demand video based education and training .Flipped classrooms . Development of PLM perceptual learning modules and last but not least Active learning supported by investment in immersive high quality VR and AR content.