First we will profile your working memory then your thinking style looking for a match with Einstein .

For  mobile users the Digit Span will be administered over video .  The Digit Span is a clinical psychometic test  used all over the world . The standard test for assessing working memory and part of the full WAIS IQ test comprises about 20% of the IQ assessment  .

This is the one test to rule them all . Your raw ability  to gabble by rote [ Einstein ]  . predicts grades even life outcomes . Scoring in the high teens on this test and not excelling can be  a red flag . A potential indicator of dyslexia, ADHD , mild Aspergers .


The Digit Span assesses the current state of your working memory

In both children and adults . Studies have shown. The IQ subtest you are about to take is a more important determinant of success than overall IQ scores .


The limitless software has been designed specifically to provide an optional offline platform for assessment and training

Once you have downloaded the software you need to install it .

The digit span is a computerized profiler for determining memory span based on the wechsler adult intelligence scale .

Each point scored equates to 1 IQ point . George Miller bench marked this figure at 7 PLUS OR MINUS 2 . The significance of this figure is it’s limiting influence on the learning curves .

Before you begin please ensure your speakers are on .


To run the BENCHMARK TEST select TEST 1 form the drop down menu . Tab across to the Memory span . Press start . Wait for the random sequence of numbers to begin and end

Data is entered after each sequence with the mouse . Starting with a sequence of 3 this test is totally automated and will continue until the user fails to match the on screen sequence at which point scores are recorded .

To complete a full test the user must select the Reverse Arrow and begin again this time entering data in the reverse order .

The test will continue until a sequence is entered incorrectly .

If you are acting as a mentor . Turn the tablet round and administer the test yourself

Run the test a few times to find a reliable benchmark .


According to George Miller the results for the auditory test should fall within a range of 5 and 9 for each test .The average person will score between 12 and 14 when Forward and Reverse Scores are aggregated .

You should see higher scores recorded on the forward test . Repeating digits backwards requires an additional processing burden .

Inside the analysis tab you can enter your age and your score to find an approximation of equivalent IQ. If you are running this test on mobile you can email us .

If you can’t remember your score ! . Please remember we have the neurological ability to rewire our brains . Intelligence and abilities are not fixed.


Use of test taking strategies is a sign of the application of intelligence to memory .

A determined individual with a broadly trained memory will defeat any test.

Rather than try to design a test which can not be defeated . Accept the DS will be skewed by test taking strategies .

Average or above average results can hide a weakness or reflect a number competence that does not transfer .

Scoring 9 or 10 on a subtest are the research tells us you should be excel inside education & training .   Failure to excel is a red flag .

To be thorough wait a day turn the sound off and run the test a second time using the menu to select the phonetic character test only and compare the results . Ask these questions are you cheating by using

  1. Rhyme/Rhythm – the subject repeats the numbers
  2. Internally superimposing a rhythmic musical tonal quality to the sequence.
  3. Chunking/Blocking – the subject chunks the numbers into groups of 2 3 or 4 . Increasing the number of sequenced objects that can be held in single context.
  4. Patterns – The subject attempts to impose order by looking for patterns or skip patterns within the sequence . Examples : ordinal , repeated numbers , hierarchical ascent/descent , step alternating +/- ,squares multiples and divisions , prime numbers .
  5. Association – The subject looks to associate numbers with times , dates , objects , ages .
  6. Visual Strategies – Subject looks for visual patterns in the shapes of numbers composed of straight lines , straight lines and curves and just straight lines to strengthen visualization of the sequence . Sub modalities such as use of color may be used to enhance the mental image.

NLP – Right handed right eyed . Does the subject look up and to the right while listening and up and to the left when recalling each sequence.


[*1] Research indicates Age , gender , resistance to interference , distraction or boredom all impact capacity

[*2] Research authored by Daneman and Carpenter introduced an extended version of the memory span task which they called reading span.

As this is the mobile course our LIMITLESS  assessment & training software is not  shipped with this course . Our software  runs only windows  pc’s laptops  and windows  tablets . If you need extra help our beta  software might  be offered as an  optional extra .

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