This lesson profiles a Kinaesthetic thinker and explores the hidden subtext . We look at what message a kinesthetic learner needs to takes away from lectures and language based text .

Kinaesthesics can improve short term and working memory by fully engaging the senses sensory mnemonics and seeking out hands or activity based learning whenever possible.

Kinesthesia is defined as a representation class including

Repeatable Motor Actions – kicking a ball or swinging a tennis racket
Tactile Sensation – surgery
Identity and Beliefs – military and sport psychologists need to understand why conditioned responses break down under pressure . When an actor inhabits a charters persona or when ones own emotional memory when approaching the work ]. Gustatory taste .chefs
Olfactory – smell , food and wine critics


When engaged in kinesthetic thought the head will be down the body language relaxed , breathing will be deep and from the stomach . Francois Auguste Rene Rodin ‘The Thinker’ is undoubtedly thinking kinesthetically .

The voice will have a deep tonality .The speech will be slow with long pauses . Gestures to the head , heart or stomach area . Reinforced by language indicate kinesthetic thought patterns .

Eye Cues

According to NLP it  has been established that for a majority of right handed people , feelings are recalled by moving the eyes down and often to the right . Down and to the left usually means internal dialog is processing .

Hidden Subtext

Sub Modalities

Sub Modalities

Learning Channel : Kinesthesia

Kinesthetic thinkers learn best through hands on application .Both a Surgeons and a Chefs operational training typically involves three steps

  • Read about and observe
  • Hands on application
  • Teach the process

See One , Do One , Teach One .

Pressure [hard/soft]
Extent [how big]


Applying these sub modalities to a written text , writing notes out by hand and role playing will strengthen the memory trace . In selecting and presenting material it is important to stress practical application,  worked examples and exercises .

Take advantage of seminars and the opportunity to give oral presentations . Animation of models will integrate movement , speed and time into a mental models .

With the exception of arts/crafts and sports , kinesthetic representational systems are usually slaves.

The surgeon needs auditory representational skills to reinforce semantic memory in order to pass medical exams and strong visual episodic memory on the wards and kinesthetic aptitudes when operating .


Used by the Oxbridge universities, student led seminars .Who utilize presentations as a means of creating a context for the content .

Adding an episodic dimension usually associated with visual memory . providing an alternate way to access content .


Learning Channel : Kinesthesia [Hands On]

The point of language is to communicate , in order to achieve it’s goal language has to bridge the gap of competing representational systems .

The words and phrasing we use in life reflect our representation system .


Touch , cold , warm , rough , smooth , tangible , contact , solid , handle
Push , pressure , stress , tension , sensitive , suffer


A bitter pill
A Fishy situation
A sour taste
A cool customer
To scratch the surface
A gut feeling
Control yourself
A solid idea
A heated argument
Thick skinned
I can’t put my finger on it
Firm foundations

Use of language in a statistically significant manner together with speed , tonality , posture and body language should indicate a leaning towards one of the representational systems .


Mental Model

A mental landscape dominated by gut feeling  tagged by kinaesthetic cues . This landscape is not tangible .

Sit down to read a well written article . Listen to  a well constructed presentation, watch a play or listen to a great public speaker  .The words  are designed to provoke an emotional reaction . This reaction acts as a tag . A memory trace .

Politicians , demagogues and advertisers  will try to activate the amygdala’s . The limbic system . The emotion centre  inside the brain.  They understand  attention is limited  . that simplicity  beats complexity . that emotion beats logic

Experience  anxiety, distress, and fear is a primal learning paradigm  .

Actors using the method approach . Invoke strong memory traces when learning their lines . Victorian public schools and army training,   create strong memory traces   . Post Traumatic Stress disorders are  effective at hard  wiring risk averse  behaviours  . The cost , confidence   .