• Phonetics
  • Sequential Memory
  • Working Memory
  • Long Term Memory
  • Focus
  • Visualization


    Used in WAIS adult IQ test . The digit span is the gold standard of working memory assessment . If you have not established a benchmark yet you should do so now . Otherwise how will you know if you are improving .


    Our game trainer is suitable for all ages .Designed to force feedback . Our game trainer is scored .A score of 19 puts you inside the top 1 percent

    Running the DS in trainer mode takes less than five minutes . Run each test forward and backward . Concentrate on validated learning then overload at speed .


    Running the DS in trainer mode is an extremely difficult test at speed . It will stretch creativity, word power , visualisation focus and concentration to the limit and beyond .You can not stop you can not pause . You have to keep up

    Tight feedback loops are designed to allow you to fail fast . Gamifying learning through trial and error . If you stall out open the NLP profiles for guidance and start over .


    Are you tired of words words and more words .

    In this section we simplify and apply .

    In this section we introduce you to one of the most powerful learning paradigms. It has many names . Experiential learning . Discovery based Learning . Game learning .

    The premise fail fast . Learn from your mistakes . Apply the lessons. Fail again . Fail better . Succeed.

    In this hands on section you will learn the Major System . A tried and tested way to rapidly internalize upto 100 items .

    Game 1 : Convert two digit numbers into key words and improvise a story [ Recommended for verbal thinkers

    Game 2 : Convert pairs of key words into images and map them to an improvised matrix type construct or memory palace [ Visualisation Trainer ] .



    Hit start while the phonetic character set is selected .
    The numbers assigned to letters are spoken while the letters pulse .


    Create keywords simply bt adding a vowel between Key letters .
    The key words should be nouns . Something tangible preferably an object
    Avoid trigger words that are hard to visualize [ like , of , for , they , who ] .

    For each sequence invent a narrative or setting that binds the key words sequence together.
    Remember to set a Targets and Rewards when acting as a Mentor




    99 memory hooks

    The major system asks you to create a list of possible key words and then assign them. Spend some time creating strong sensory mnemonics for each number up to 99 . .

    The basis of phonetics is a cipher . The letter C in the word Cat has a K quality . In phonetics this is called a hard C . The J sound in churCH and juDGE in the phonetic cipher both relate to the Ju sound , denoting 6 .

    Key letters excluding vowels are assigned to the numbers 1 to 9 . T or D = 1 . N = 2 . M = 3 . R = 4 .L = 5 . J OR CH = 6 . K OR hard C = 7 . F OR V = 8 ; P = 9 the Z or SE/A sound is assigned to the number zero .

    If we take a four number sequence 2 – 0 -1 -4 .

    KEY WORDS no. 20

    Annoys, assassins, assigns, cents, ensue, essence, gnaws, hands, hastens, heinous, hence, hens, highness, inns, ionize, ions, knees, knows,

    NaSA, nausea, news, nice, niece, noise, noisy, noose, nose, once, oneness, ones, ounce, owns,
    sans, scenes, science, seasons, sense, signs, since, sins, sinuous, sinus, snazzy, sneeze, snows, sons, sounds, suns, swans, unease, uneasy, unwise, wanes, whence, whines, wince, wins, yawns, zones.

    KEY WORDS no. 14

    Adder, adhere, adore, aster, astray, attire, austere, author, cedar, dairy, dare, dear, deer, diary, dire, doer, door, doorway, draw, drew, dry,

    Easter, eater, either, ether, hater, header, heater, heather, history, hither, hotter, hydra, hydro, hysteria, other, otter, ouster, outer, oyster, sadder, satire, sister, sitter, solder, stair, stairway, star,

    stare, starry, steer, stereo, stir, store, story, straw, stray, strew, sweater, sweeter, tar, tear, terry, their, theory, there, they’re, thorough, three, threw, through, throw, tier, tire, tyre, tore, tory, tour,

    ToweR, tray, tree, trio, troy, true, try, utter, waiter, water, waterway, watery, weather, wetter, whether, whiter, whither, wider, widower.