We are currently unfunded so if after taking our free foundational course Memory & Executive Function you prefer to pay your way, we have you covered through PAYPAL PWYW [Pay What You Want ] . While our 1 billion lives study runs we will subscribe $99 patrons on request through PAYPAL PWYW our concierge service to both our Active Learning Courseware and interactive exercises and theĀ  Foundational Executive Function Course 2024 rrp $285

Transformation . Under time constraint the risk of oversimplification, reaching the wrong conclusion or cognitive overload are magnified exponentially. Hang onto more information for longer and you widen the aperture buying time for connection and insight .

Big picture our Einstein inspired memory hack works for everybody, raises the ceiling for everybody .Our limited study seeks only to address early onset Alzheimer’s , dyslexia and add/adhd . Our focus is improved functional working memory . Age agnostic we do not subscribe to phase theory . Our solution is rooted in processing difference not deficit . We do not address literacy , hyperactivity , motivation , emotional , intellect , educational opportunity or sensory deficit . Focus attention and memory are the only variables we target.

In terms of the feasibility study the timeframes are uncertain , the practice is perpetual beta short medium and long term positive outcomes are all possible . For this project measured outcomes would include 1 day , 1 week, 1 month . The feedback we are seeking to gather is qualitative , anecdotal rather than the quantitively hard numbers we would be looking for in future studies .

Intervention at the root . A foundational visual first approach and practice that deepens learning over time . Outlined in a traditional way . Our short 2 hour self administered primer course is delivered online and is Available 24/7 on all platforms smart phone tablet pc or laptop.

No explicit controls are set up . Technically the whole world is our control . Competitive advantage is the incentive . Outcomes are how we keep score . Memory the M in M.O.A.T is treated as a stepping stone or gateway . Persistence reduces repetition increasing motivation . Persistence widens the aperture increasing connection which deepens learning .Persistence raises long term productivity .

Video engage serving as a starting point and a destination . A passive text based course [executive function] relates theory . Active learning [Bio Hackery] is where theory meets practice where feedback loops begin and true learning deepens . Goal . Autodidacticism or self-education (also selflearning and selfteaching) primary source of material written

For an overview of the study visit 1B Lives Study Onboarding Videos . The How ,What, Where, Why and When are outlined in our About Page . The OPTICS framework above outlines study parameters . For proof of concept, background, real world and future applications see our Developer Videos