In the second decade of this century spending on education , health and ageing will account for between 5 and 10 percent of each countries total gross domestic product . Worldwide we will collectively spend in excess of 6 trillion annually . A fraction of a fraction of penny will help to fund us .

On an individual level our expectation is that where memory is pivotal we will be able to reverse or slow down clinical conditions associated with education , health and ageing .

Our USP what sets us apart is that we recognise that simply championing a strong work ethic blinds us to systemic flaws .Blinds us to the differences between us .A position which is both self serving and self aggrandising . If hard work is the cure then by implication laziness is the disease .Stressing work ethic and only work ethic creates a self sealing logic bubble that stops innovation raising the risk of mental and physical health breakdowns . The status quo is unsustainable on both ethical and economic grounds . Shooting the messenger changes nothing .
Frustrated with  complacency we set up last year  . To really change things you need money, time , hard work . You can’t innovate on autopilot . It is not just a question of more hours . We need more from each and every hour invested . That requires a shared willingness from every stakeholder to leave no stone unturned . To always go the extra mile . To make no assumptions . To not only look for corroborating evidence but to step outside comfort zones and challenge deeply held core beliefs .
Achieving positive outcomes in 98% of the population we are the developers of an Einstein inspired digital health service .Imagine a vast circle representing 98% of the population .Contained within that circle a Venn Diagram with three overlapping circles   representing the spectrum disorders early onset Alzheimer’s , Dyslexia and ADHD  .  At the intersection in the centre three aptitudes common to each and every one of us  .Memory [working ] Attention and Focus .
We advocate a visual first approach . We are the solution to what we like to call the Microsoft problem . The problem is we have doubled down on the idea that we are computers capable of internalising vast amounts of information as long as it is organised and classified correctly . As long as we work very very hard . As an approach it is not categorically wrong but it is also not enough .
In 1953, a young man named Henry Gustav Molaison, [HM] of Hartford, Connecticut, lost his memory on an operating table while undergoing experimental surgery to treat epilepsy by removing his hippocampus . On waking his short term memory was in tact , his IQ unaffected but his ability to move information from short term to long memory was non existent . Unable to function in society HM spent the rest of his days as a lab rat . Undergoing the same tests day in day out but his memory never improved . If HM represents a spectrum them where do you plot on the forgetting curve is it quantified in minutes, hours, days, week, months or years . This is not about smart or not smart . In simple terms HR could never invest in HM because there would be no return on investment .

Our testable premise can we deliver long lasting measurable improvements within hours . Our hope and expectation is that we can act as a springboard and foundation for new applications including comprehensive digitalisation of content to accessible online spaces . On demand video based education and training .Flipped classrooms . Development of PLM perceptual learning modules and last but not least Active learning supported by investment in immersive high quality VR and AR content.