In Plato’s allegory of the cave three prisoners are tied up facing a cave wall . Behind them a fire burns throwing shadows back onto the cave wall from the sunlit entrance . The prisoners who can not turn their heads have never known anything else . The shadow play is their world . As animals and people carrying objects pass by they do their best to classify and categorise the shapes they see projected back onto the cave wall .

One day one of the prisoners manages to free himself . Escaping out of the entrance he is astonished by what he finds colours, textures and dimensions that did not exist in his two dimensional world . After a day exploring excited he returns to the cave to share his revelation .

Unaccustomed to the dark our free man can no longer easily make out the shadow play on the cave wall . His fellow prisoners still tied up believe him to be both stupid and blind . When he offers to free them they become hostile and violent  .