Our visual first approach is simple foundational and transformative . In Memory we cover theory and basic strategies for improving memory . In organisation we blast through visual note taking and organisational strategies . In Analysis we share what we know about the variation between us and what that means for a smart role allocation and career choices . In Thinking our focus revolves around attention . By learning how to hang onto more information for longer you buy yourself time for reflection and connection . So simple but so fundumental and foundational .

Our expectation and hope is to adreess not just issues common to clinical populations but to improve outcomes and long term productivity in the wider population . To an extent we may be considered a threat . In many quantifiable ways . A visual first approach is better than listen and learn . In that respect we are a threat, to a way of doing things . A threat to systems and institutions and a threat to liveyhoods . However in the last 18 months AI has leapfrogged us . Our heretical views can now be framed as what they are practical adaptions to a modern world with a huge upside .