Big picture education and training the system itself is not fit for purpose .It’s not just that it appears to be explicity designed to screen out all our original thinkers .Or the unedifying habit of trying to sweep it’s mistakes under the carpet . Engaging in the blame game rather than addressing core defecits . As a key driver of productivity we have to expect more . Teachers instuctors , content designers and the ultimate consumer you and I have to be willing to embrace change . If we do not AI will simply roll over us .

It would be niave to think top down change could happen over night . That would shake confidence but if it did what would it look like .

At the age of 15, Albert Einstein the visual thinker and life long campaigner for educational reform left a traditional school in Munich . His grades were poor . He was told he was an insult to the school . After an education walkabout where family and friends educated him piecemeal . He start at a Swiss school founded by Pestalozzi, the educational reformer. The school practiced visual methods of learning and teaching .

Basic to Pestalozzi’s approach was the view that “conceptual thinking is built on visual understanding and visual understanding is the basis of all knowledge”

Each item of learning was carefully linked to a visual base image. The school used maps, diagrams, and other visual materials for instruction.

The atmosphere was relaxed and informal.

Modern neuroscience supports the effectiveness of Pestalozzi’s visual first approach .Practical applications today include video trainer linkedin learning . Sprouts school who we sponsor and the khan academy . Sal Khan runs a not for profit . Recently he featured in Forbes Under the banner headline the 1 trillion dollar opportunity .

More than 2 centuries after Pestalozzi death .Technology has caught up. The long anticipated and promised revolution in how we teach and learn is just beginning to gather momentum .