If hard work is the solution does a problem exist .Lack of motivation is not a pain point we  address directly . We are facilitators . Our simple aim ensure hard work pays off .

To ensure a fair fight we as a society need to add a splash of deep blue to all the other behaviour profiles. A reference to Thomas Erikson’s classic business text Surrounded by Idiots .  

David Eagleman in his book Livewired talks about the brains uncanny ability to wrap itself around inputs and rewire itself . In one case study a women who had lost her sense of balance located in the inner ear rediscovers the ability after having a sensor fitted to her tongue .

For me running the digit span up to double 10 something I could not do before may have triggered rewiring . Consistency took several hundred attempts .Adaption certainly but has there been rewiring we are not sure .The deep blue thinkers perspective is invaluable . Knowing what attention is knowing what is required .That is something you have to experience for yourself . Right here right now this is not our focus .

We are not entertainers . We are not peddlers .We are not dealers . We are facilitators.

A facilitator develops  a product or practice  that materially benefits society . A true facilitator practices what they preach on a habitual basis out of necessity not for the sake of appearances .

While we are ambitious .The practices outlined in this course are primarily limited to converting information sourced through reading .Sometimes this is not possible , sometimes it’s not approriate, sometimes you just want to sit back and listen . For this reason the next three sections embrace the age old tradition of narrative storytelling.