In 2014 Under the headline

Bad News For Ivy Leaguers : ADHD Drugs Can Hurt Performance

Time publishes an article

Prescription drug abuse is rampant, and for a third of Americans, the first drug of any kind that they take—including illicit drugs—is an Rx that has not been prescribed to them. That’s not surprising when you consider how many students abuse ADHD drugs for performance .

Smart drugs are designed to prepare your mind to take on board information by enhancing the brain’s ability to focus, to process information and to hold information in working memory . The flip side of that coin . The narrowing of focus . A lack of inspiration and the low energy low drive smart drug hangover .

In her book Working Memory: The Connected Intelligence Tracy Alloway explains the importance of working memory in which she argues that working memory scores are a better test of ability than IQ scores .

Working memory measures potential to learn and can be crucial in determining classroom and working life achievement .

A better working memory translates into additional time to structure your ideas. additional time to make new connections and form opinions .