According to Bloom in order thinking depends on a pyramid of skills . Knowledge and memory at the base followed by comprehension, application / understanding, analysis, synthesis [where ideas are combined] and evaluation [how useful is this information].

Optional Exercise : Without referring to the above paragraph repeat back the six levels in reverse order .Can you recite all six levels ? .

Only a few seconds have passed the information is fresh in your working memory .You may not recall the six levels. If this is the case then it’s time to invest in a notepad .

If you are involved in ongoing education or training then internalise all six levels to maximise chances of a projects success by ticking all the boxes .

If maintaining focus is a problem . Rather than fighting the urge not to split your attention , doodle , add ideograms. Half of your brain has nothing to do . Your inner chimp is demanding your attention . Give it something to do or you will achieve nothing .

If your illustration looks something like this well done


An IDEOGRAM is a visual cue or hook which your memory can use to retrieve information . By asking your brain to do more you increase it’s level of engagement . By asking your brain to switch channels you free up processing power allocated to auditory working memory which tends to be short term .

A recent study into prodigies concluded – that the conventional academic view of genius as precocious talent exceeding years is based on exceptional memory .

If you unable to internalize information then you have no foundations . Working memory is a stepping stone . Without an efficient working memory comprehension suffers .

Without a good working memory  you are going to find it difficult to consolidate and apply. analyse , synthesise and evaluate . When you make the easy things hard for yourself you are setting yourself up to fail .