When we first set foot in a classroom we are introduced to a listen and learn paradigm where an authority figure lectures peer groups who learn through rote and repetition . From a very early age we are accustomed to using language to learn and language to think . We ask questions and use a sub vocalised voice to reason and that limits us .

The nine dots problem at the top of the page  asks you to do something completely different .  The 9 dots is a classic visual thinkers logic puzzle . Less than 10% of the population can solve it . To  solve the nine dot problem  you are required to think differently  . Think outside of the box . Think visually and spatially .

The challenge which is included in our end of course quiz is to  draw  four or less straight lines which go through the middle of all of the dots. You can start from any position .The path you trace must follow on . You can not lift  .Each line must start where the last line finishes.

[ Answers to be found in final quiz ].