1 The “phonological loop” : Controls the auditory processing and playback function associated with learning by rote Functions are roughly tied to the speech centres of the brain and language developmentā€¦ The span of the loop is measured inside the full WAIS IQ test conceptualized by the DIGIT SPAN IQ TEST ..Which measure how many competing linguistic concepts we can hold in working memory at any one time . What you score on this test in hugely important ! .

2 The “visual-spatial sketchpad” is the area of we are primarily concerned with training . It is responsible for visual analysis and processing it serves as an internal laboratory for visualizing problems and solutions …. In the context of memory and working memory striking imagery has been clinically proven to form much stronger memory imprints than words .Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was largely developed in his head with complicated visualizations? As proof of concept later on in this module we will introduce you to the memory palace ,with a little practice and some training you can improve your memory not just for numbers but for everything and anything.

3 The “central executive” Oversee’s, it acts on information stored and retrieved , delegating work and receiving their analysis back in order to facilitate coordinated reasoning, comprehension, learning, and decision making.