Meta Cognition [ Thinking about thinking] .

Internalise the 6 type of thinking,to extend and develop balanced thinking skills .


      • 1 Audio Sequential
      • 2 Hierarchy
      • 3 System
      • 4 Chronological
      • 5 Systemic [ DANCE ]
      • 6 Visual




This type of thinking have been the subject of many books .Linda Silverman PHD – UPSIDE DOWN THINKING and IN THE MIND’S EYE by Thomas G West are particularly noteworthy in highlighting a bias towards an auditory sequential model of learning that has changed little since the start of the 19th century .

This teaching model is listen and learn . It relies on an authority figure ,   lecturing peer group . The peer groups are expected to learn by rote and repetition . Do you have a quiet mind . Are you an excellent speaker and a good listener, who enjoys word puzzles.



Turn a problem upside down. A classic creative thinking technique .  Thinking hierarchically encourages you to step back . Where in the organisation hierarchical tree is your attention is currently focused .



When a butterfly flaps its wings it sets off a cascade of atmospheric events. Weeks later that single flap leads to the formation of a tornado 1000’s of miles away.



This type of thinking is often associated with system thinking where a process flow requires the completion of one task before the next task can be completed .



A type of thinking that can be used to create procedures and chains :

The acronym D:A:N:C:E defines a process for completing a task . Define a problem . Analyse the options available to you . Narrow down the solutions , weigh up the Consequences and finally determine how to Execute the chosen solution.

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